“A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People” by Mike Ricksecker

"A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People" by Mike Ricksecker

"Shadow people are some of the most mysterious entities in the known universe, and Mike Ricksecker has experienced many, starting with a tall, dark humanoid figure that appeared in his room as a child. While examining who or what these dark beings may actually be and sharing the ominous experiences of several others, Ricksecker recounts his interactions with shadows, which also include a black mass that formed in a bedroom where a girl had seen an entity with red eyes, a crawler that crept its way around an abandoned desecrated church, and many more.

A Walk In The Shadows addresses these tantalizing questions:
What are the different types of shadow people and their characteristics?
What's the relationship between shadow people and sleep paralysis?
Are shadow entities interdimensional beings or, perhaps, players in a simulated universe?
Are shadow people evil, or have they been miscast as the darkest of the dark in the supernatural realm?
Are some shadow people actually extraterrestrials?
What does a renowned demonologist with nearly 50 years of experience have to say about shadow entities?

A Walk In The Shadows explores the secrets of the dark while unveiling an enigmatic world feared by many and misunderstood by most."