“Witchin’ Office: Spells and Rituals Every Witch Needs to Survive the Workplace” by Sienna Winnick

"Witchin' Office: Spells and Rituals Every Witch Needs to Survive the Workplace" by Sienna Winnick

"Let's be honest: An office is not the most natural place for a modern-day witch to flourish. With the right tools and guidance, however, you can thrive as an employee and as a witch, going about your business your own way and living as your true self.

Have you recently changed jobs and are finding it hard to integrate into your new workplace due to discomfort and unease? Perhaps you have always struggled to own your truth at work, often hiding your personality and beliefs due to the stress and fear of what others might think. If this sounds like you, Witchin' Office is an absolute must-read! It's packed with spells and office rituals that every witch needs!

So, say goodbye to nervousness, anxiety, and stress at work and hello to the spells and magic you need to thrive in the office. With twenty-five years of experience using the Elements and expertise in shamanic studies, author and corporate professional Sienna Winnick understands the burdens of modern society and the success, and calm, that intentional spells can bring to any workplace. You will learn how to integrate witchcraft into your workplace in a safe, unassuming manner that allows you to work effectively with a wee bit of magic on your side.

Inside Witchin' Office, discover:
How to overcome common workplace issues that witches face.
How to wield elemental magic to your advantage at work.
Ways to integrate more witchcraft into the workplace.
Spells to help relieve anxiety and stress.
Spells for time management, conflict resolution, and more!

It's time to live your truth in the office and start bringing witchcraft to work."