“An Introduction to Egyptian Chaos Magic” by Jay Jamel Blades

"An Introduction to Egyptian Chaos Magic" by Jay Jamel Blades

"Learning to apply magical though to produce desired outcomes

This is the first book in a series of teachings that will be released to assist the potential practitioner with manifesting magic in his waking world. The potential practitioner will discover self worth and how to value their energy, how to relate already studied materials to magic creating a bridge between theory and practical application, and learn how to create their own rituals and practices unique to them with the highest degree of success possible.

The Potential Practitioner will be introduced on how to safeguard their energies, steps required for them to maximize energy generation while minimizing energetic leaks, a basic introduction to universal laws and principles to help begin to shape the mind of the potential practitioner in order to prepare them for future applications of more advanced manifestation techniques, and will be introduced to various concepts to research in order to familiarize themselves with basic principles that will be required as subsequent teachings are released.

This will ensure that the foundation that this series is built upon will be utilized correctly, while still providing valuable information when the information is required. This is to prevent an information overload for the potential practitioner, as he or she will be made aware of advanced magical applications, but will learn them through examples of applications as later books are released."