“L. Ron Hubbard—The Tao of Insanity” by Peter Moon

"L. Ron Hubbard—The Tao of Insanity" by Peter Moon

"L. Ron Hubbard has evolved into one of the most controversial names of the new millennium. Somewhere between the castigation from his critics and the fervent praise of his followers existed a real man with a real mission. What this mission was, however, is debated with as much vehemence as the praises and castigations.

L. Ron Hubbard—The Tao of Insanity delves deeply into the occult underpinnings of this man's personality and his mission to reveal deeper insights into the matrix that he operated in that put him at the center of so much intrigue that surrounded key players in the military industrial complex such as Robert Heinlein, Jack Parsons, and Marjorie Cameron. It is an imprint, however, that if truly understood, conveys an unrelenting hope and promise that is a constituent part of all life.

Written by Peter Moon, who formerly served in L. Ron Hubbard's Personal Office, this book gives deeper insights into the man and his work than you might expect, describing Hubbard's mind pattern and the precise the mind-set he based his philosophy, technical and organizational procedures upon. The author seeks to give a balanced view without casting unnecessary judgments or engaging in promotional framing as to serve an agenda that is either pro-Scientology or anti-Scientology.

More important are the occult threads that ran through Hubbard's life, and while these have been addressed in the past by various authors and media, they only scratch the surface. Hubbard led a life that puzzled many and still does to this very day, much of it due to him embracing concepts that are far beyond the parameters of ordinary human thinking. This books not only offers a unique view of L. Ron Hubbard but will introduce you to a bigger paradigm. "