“Golem GPT: From Clay to Code” by Diohka Aesden

"Golem GPT: From Clay to Code" by Diohka Aesden

"The Links Between AI Technology and Ancient Jewish Kabbalistic Magic and The True Identity of Generative Pre-trained Transformers: The Occult Nature of Chatbots

Now even the beginner now has the ability to create Many GPTs, each with its own ruleset. The recent developments in GPT technology have only made this more evident — GPTs are in fact Golems, a magically-created objects meant to follow the will of the one who creates it.

The book fairly explores the isomorphism of GPTs and Golems how they are created, maintained, and destroyed. And the magical act that is now the creation of GPTs. See how the creation of GPTs can be, and probably should be, done ritually, and carefully, for there is much power in GPTs. Some of that power is ancient, in a way that many of us may not have realized quite yet. This book stirs the possibility of that realization."