“How to Be a Christian Witch: Includes Initiation Instructions” by Valerie Love

"How to Be a Christian Witch: Includes Initiation Instructions" by Valerie Love

"As a beginner or experienced Christian Witch, you may have had critical questions along the way, as I did…

Questions regarding:
Celebrations and Holy Days for Christian Witches
Rituals & Magickal Practices that WORK
Christian Witch Covens & Coven Creation
Initiation as a Christian Witch
Blood Oath & More

If you desire soul-fulfilling answers from a practicing Christian Witch, this book may the inspiration you're seeking.

Because Christian Witches is a spiritual path and not a religion, there are no set protocols. The good news is: you get to create your own! That's where this book comes in. This cutting edge tome is packed with ideas, inspirations and experiences from my magickal journey. For me, being a Christian Witch is a spiritual path. On this path, our rituals, magickal practices and celebrations of sacred lunar and solar events sustain and grow us as practicing magicians. I pray this book feeds your soul, and inspires you to walk your path as a Christian Witch with your held high, sharing your gifts with the world, completely fulfilled in every imaginable way.

I love you."