“Geometry Magick: Harnessing the Power of Shapes to Manifest Your Desired Reality” by Lilien Gold

"Geometry Magick: Harnessing the Power of Shapes to Manifest Your Desired Reality" by Lilien Gold

"Geometry Magic: Shapes of Manifestation and Mastery

Dive deep into the world of esoteric geometry, where ancient symbols and modern intentions converge to guide you in the art of manifestation. From the singular potency of the circle to the intricate energies of multi-shape configurations, Geometry Magick unveils the power hidden within lines and curves. Discover the historical and cultural significance of key shapes, including the star in its many forms, and learn hands-on techniques to harness their energies for personal transformation. Whether you're seeking protection, abundance, or alignment, this book provides practical rituals and exercises, culminating in a special downloadable reference guide to amplify your geometric practices. Craft your reality with precision and intuition, guided by the universe's own blueprint.

Introduction: The Ancient Power of Geometry
Circles: Wholeness and Unity
Triangles: Strength and Ascension
Squares: Foundation and Reality
Pentagrams & Hexagrams: Celestial Energies and Protection
Geometry Magick Formulas for Manifesting Specific Intentions for Love, Business, Happiness:
Two-Shape Combinations: Dual Intentions
Three-Shape Combinations: Layered Energies
Four-Shape Formulas: Comprehensive Manifestations
Practical Rituals: Harnessing Geometric Energies
Meditative Practices: Aligning with Shapes
Real-world Applications: Geometry in Daily Life
Bonus: Downloadable Reference Guide for Enhanced Practice"