“Tulpa Tales: Confessions of an Elder Tulpamancer” by Robert Newport

"Tulpa Tales: Confessions of an Elder Tulpamancer" by Robert Newport

"This work of Magical Erotica, by a retired psychiatrist, chronicles, in fictional form, his experiences in creating a tulpa. A tulpa is a sentient and sapient being with an independent existence, usually, but not always, within the mind. The author chose this practice as a way to explore his sexuality, and he shares in intimate detail his work with his tulpas.

Tulpa Tales is a collection of short stories chronicling, in fictional form, the author's experiences in tulpamancy. The author, perhaps the oldest living modern tulpamancer, graphically describes his successes and difficulties in the practice. The genre of this work is Magical Erotica. He has formed his tulpas out of his imagination and infused them with the spirit of Dakini, which is understood to be a 'tantric goddess'. The modern understanding of this work is that it is a function of brain directed by psychological processes. "Plurality" is a term used to describe the successful outcome of the practice, and modern practitioners deny that it approximates in any way, a psychopathology. Of note, the author is a retired psychiatrist who specialized in working with the seriously mentally ill, and as such he has authority in this declaration. He also, in his youth, studied 'Ritual Magic' under the tutelage of Robert Anton Wilson and Israel Regardie. Tulpamancy, or the act of creating a Tulpa, was a practice of Tibetans involved in spiritual growth, apparently for many centuries. It was first described, for westerners, by Alexandria David-Neel a French anthropologist. She lived in Tibet for over a decade at the turn of the last century and her book Magic and Mystery in Tibet was published in English in the 1930s and brought to the USA in the 1970s. It only became popular with the advent of the internet which allowed those interested to communicate and share the details of their practices."