“The New Energy Anatomy” by Bruce Dickson

"The New Energy Anatomy" by Bruce Dickson

"A Goethean Holistic Science approach to energy anatomy, ideal for doing your own home experiments and self-healing.

Written for:
– Intuitive self-healers,
– Energy Detectives,
– Students-practitioners of all Energy Medicine methods,
– Intuitives working with clients.

NOT your father's or your mother's old chakra book.
NOT a rehash of chakras, auras, meridians.
NOT Metaprograms in NLP (see Unconscious Patterns book).
NOT a how-book on muscle testing

A CONSTRUCTIVIST approach to learning invisible human energy anatomy. Dozens of possible experiments in perception are outlined. The ideal reader is ideally:
– Someone already self-testing by some method,
– Working with "God as your Partner" as this protects everyone handling invisible energies,
– Anyone conceiving of "self-mastery" in terms of self-connection and heartfelt encounters with others.

Physical-material anatomy uses body planes, simple locational tools, to make useful distinctions in a physical body. These same locational tools remain useful for our four invisible bodies in 3D space. In fact, the more invisible your target, the more useful simple location in 3D space becomes.

Testable distinctions in human energy begin with:
– top~bottom,
– front~back,
– RIGHT~left,
– YANG~yin,
– cool-cold~ warm-hot
– overcharge~undercharge.

NEW Energy Anatomy shows how these distinctions are NOT energy-neutral. These distinctions hold useful information by which you can navigate your own and client disturbances. Our acupuncture meridians flow in accord with these distinctions.

Our skin makes the outside of our physical body somewhat homogenous. Inside, our physical-material organs are not homogenous, have diverse shapes, textures and functions. Our etheric body also has regions and quadrants–yet much simpler. Our invisible etheric body is also our Immune System Self, the "other half" of our physical body, our "pre-physical body."

If you think about it, our energy pattern HAS to be simple and utterly obvious for our cells and Child Within to apportion resources and navigate to homeostasis. Individual patterns of energy function and dysfunction can be discerned and mapped.

Locational mapping in 3D space is ten times simpler-easier than trying to map target client concerns to auras, chakras and acupuncture points. Locational mapping is many times more simple and direct than older esoteric anatomies.

NEW Energy Anatomy also embraces our TWO nervous systems, gut-brain and head-spine-brain. These are the two lower selves of our Three Selves. Are your two selves working together as teammates?

These same simple locational tools also support advanced clairvoyant ability for those who have this."