“Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria ” by Bethsheba Ashe (2023 expanded edition)

"Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria " by Bethsheba Ashe (2023 expanded edition)

"Unlock the esoteric origins of Kabbalah to discover hidden symbolic messages in the Bible and key occult texts

The art of Gematria goes far deeper than the way in which people have come to understand it today. Originating in Biblical texts, Gematria is less about the cherry-picking and comparison of numbers, but a far more beautiful and ancient art, that is crucial for biblical interpretation and occult symbolism.

In this revised and expanded version of the classic book, Bethsheba Ashe tackles questions which have been asked for as a long as the Bible has existed — why Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden; how Moses parted the Red Sea; whether Elijah riding the fiery chariot to heaven as real — which can all be answered all through the art of gematria, in the most advanced and thorough study of the subject ever published to date.

The ciphers in the book are utilized by the Shematria Gematria Calculator, created by the author herself to assist readers as she guides you through the ancient Hebrew system. Behold can be read as both a student handbook, a history and an invaluable reference text; within its pages you will find everything needed to detect and read hidden gematria calculations.

The new and expanded edition has been revised and reorganised and includes new material on the true meaning of the recently discovered Mount Ebal Curse tablet"