“Wicca Magic: A Handbook of Wiccan History, Traditions, and Rituals” by Agnes Hollyhock

"Wicca Magic: A Handbook of Wiccan History, Traditions, and Rituals" by Agnes Hollyhock

"Access the power of the Wiccan religion in this beautiful handbook featuring the history of the craft that includes a primer of its symbols, festivities, ceremonies, tools, elements, and practices.

Wicca Magic is an essential guide to learn how the cycles of nature, the moon, and the elements work to connect you closer to the craft. Learn about the different types of Wicca:
Garderian Wicca
Dianic Wicca
Celtic Wicca
Alexandrian Wicca

In Wicca Magic, you will cast a circle, purify space and participants, call down to the guardians, and more! With the use of altars and rituals, magic is right at your fingertips.

Discover the origins of Wicca, types of witches, different deities, and Wiccan core beliefs while unearthing the truth about realms and portals. In addition to spells, spellcasting, rituals, and meditations, learn to make potions from the herbs and plants that are integral to the practice and how oils, incense, and candles can harness intentions."