“Craft of the Hedge Witch: A Guide to the Solitary Path” by Geraldine Smythe

"Craft of the Hedge Witch: A Guide to the Solitary Path" by Geraldine Smythe

“The world I was looking at defied description. If it weren’t for the haunting voice describing everything to me, I would have regarded it all as nothing more than a fluke; just another strange dream that I would probably forget. But this was no ordinary dream. I was being shown another world in an intentional and purposeful manner. The imagery before me did not change or shift as in a regular dream and when I had questions in my mind, the strange, calm voice would answer me in simple yet shockingly sophisticated ways. Then I suddenly found myself kneeling on the ground directly facing a thick hedge. I turned my head to the left and there she was, also kneeling and facing the hedge. She was looking at me, smiling warmly and knowingly. It was her turn for a question and my answer would change things for me forever.”

For the Hedge Witch who develops the ability to ride the Hedge, they can straddle worlds at will and the advantages are many. The Hedge Witch’s magic is based on seamlessly shifting themselves into the twilight plane, where miracles are commonplace and their magic flows freely–as a newer amalgam emerging from and within the traditional paths, Hedge Craft draws from the most pragmatic aspects of witchcraft and shamanism, giving the witch a deeper understanding of their power and practical methods to access their potential.