“Automatic Manifestations: Without Stating What You Want” by Richard Dotts

"Automatic Manifestations: Without Stating What You Want" by Richard Dotts

"In his international bestseller Instantly Directed Manifestations, Richard Dotts introduced readers to a whole new dimension of creating fast and effective manifestations through focused, energetic directions. In this latest book Automatic Manifestations, Richard shows readers how to finally bridge the gap between the abstract world of NOT-MIND and the practical, physical environment that we all live in, which is governed by our limited conscious minds.

Through a series of anecdotes and chapters that weave applications of the NOT-MIND manifestation experience into various aspects of our lives, readers are encouraged to go on an effortless journey that creates automatic manifestations, without having to consciously state what they want!

As Richard frequently teaches, the manifestation process should be effortless. The best kind of manifestations are those that appear in your life even before a conscious intention is made on your part. Intentions should be non-verbal in nature and not even uttered. In other words, the Universe has the ability to pick up on your broadest intentions and deliver everything that is in harmony with your greater good. All that is left to do, is just to step into this goodness and experience it for yourself."