“Animal Magic: A Handbook of Mystical Energies and Enchantment” by Rieka Moonsong

"Animal Magic: A Handbook of Mystical Energies and Enchantment" by Rieka Moonsong

"Unleash the power of animal magic into your life with this beautiful handbook featuring a directory of animals and the different roles they play.

From spirit guides to power animals to familiars, both domesticated and wild, learn what role they play in our lives and the significance of the magic they offer.

Powerful animal magic practices are embedded in cultures all over the world. Throughout history, generations have called upon the energy of animals to help navigate life and find inspiration. Animal Magic is an intuitive guide that teaches you how to connect with different animal energies and gives you a comprehensive introduction to their magic. Some of the animals and their magic include:
Black cats and ravens hold powerful magic and are known to be shape-shifters in the magic community
Bats hold lunar magic which helps with shadow magic
Bears hold the energy of the night and earth, making them great assistants to protection spells and rituals

Through spells, meditations, and talismans, learn to strengthen your connection to the animal world and tap into these powers."