“Conjuring Dirt: Magick of Footprints, Crossroads & Graveyards” by Taren S

"Conjuring Dirt: Magick of Footprints, Crossroads & Graveyards" by Taren S

"Right under your feet lies one of the best magickal tools a practitioner could use in their workings — dirt. Whether it comes from graveyards, footprints, crossroads, or elsewhere, the dirt from different places is a powerful aid in the magick to your workings. When we work with dirt, we’re working with one of the most fundamental elements of being human. From dust we appeared and to dust we shall return, the saying goes. Dirt creates a magickal, energetic link that heightens any endeavor. This element of earth brings a deep spiritual dynamic and connection to any working. Since it might be difficult to decide where to start — because dirt covers the planet, even under the oceans — author Taren S narrows the focus to specific magickal-spiritual locations, locations of merit and power, for you to collect your own dirt. Implementing dirt into magickal workings requires more skill than its availability would denote. Dirt workings involve the realms of light and dark magick, healing, curses, and death. This book will guide, help, and warn all those who wish to use dirt for magickal workings."