“The Astral Geographic: The Watkins Guide to the Occult World” by Andy Sharp

"The Astral Geographic: The Watkins Guide to the Occult World" by Andy Sharp

"This ground-breaking new approach to the history of magic explores the occult through geography, inviting you to embark on ten astral travel journeys that span centuries and continents. Each itinerary comes complete with a route map, postcards of the sites, artworks of magical artefacts and an essay exploring a key occult theme, from necromancy and alchemy to standing stones and drowned cities.

Follow in the hoof steps of the Devil from ancient Egypt to London’s Hellfire Club to the black magic venues of 1960s San Francisco; invoke angels and demons in the Algerian desert; meet witches in the Mediterranean temples of Hekate and Circe and the ancient cemeteries of Scandinavia; practise cloud divination in druidic Ireland then travel to the English countryside in search of hidden hexes … and much more!

Finally, try practising magic for yourself using the Grimorium Terra, a manual that teaches how to use geography as a magical tool. Discover how to perform rituals in different terrains, use your surroundings to catalyze altered states of consciousness, explore astral travel and seed your own lucid dreams!"