“A Life of Philip K. Dick: The Man Who Remembered the Future” by Anthony Peake

"A Life of Philip K. Dick: The Man Who Remembered the Future" by Anthony Peake

"Philip K. Dick was a visionary writer. From post-apocalyptic San Francisco to Nazi-occupied America, his strange alternative futures have transfixed the world. But his life was every bit as unusual as his fiction.

A Life of Philip K. Dick opens a window into PKD's unique mind. Written with close cooperation with two of his ex-wives and a number of his friends, we are taken through his five marriages, his periods living in squalor and his souring literary success. We are also given unparalleled insight into his transcendental experiences…

PKD claimed to have visions of the future. In his published journal The Exegesis, he explores precognition, time theories and even alien abduction. Anthony Peake's own interest in metaphysics and altered states of consciousness make him the ideal author to explore this aspect of PKD's life. Considering all possible reasonings behind these experiences, from esoteric to neurological, Peake offers a scrupulous biography of this enigmatic author."