“Spells To Make Money” by Alerana

"Spells To Make Money" by Alerana

"Alerana has been practicing the Craft since she was a young girl. She has made a name for herself as a great witch. A few years back she wrote a series of spell books distilling the best spells from her lifetime's experience of The Craft. We are currently republishing those books for the benefit of modern witches and for the curious spellcaster. This book, the first to be republished, and tells you how to get money using WitchCraft.

Be aware that these are REAL spells that REALLY work, if purchased this book should not be treated as a novelty but as a serious book of magic.

Also be aware that this book's power is in the strength of the spells. It is not a long book with a huge word count. It is not intended to be a "good read". What it does intend is to impart the knowledge of the old ways onto the reader, and gives you ten powerful spells that WILL bring you money. But ten spells do not take a lot of telling, so the word count for this book will be low. If you buy this book as "something to read on a long journey" you will be disappointed with it. But if you buy this book because you want money, and intend to use The Craft to get that money, then you will be very happy with this book and the results it will bring you."