“Chinese Black Magic: An Expose” by Ong Hean-Tatt

"Chinese Black Magic: An Expose" by Ong Hean-Tatt

"Chinese Black Magic: An Expose is a new and broad collation of the known Chinese traditions about black magic. Black magic practices include "curse" spells, the "Five Poisonous Animals", "wu" magic and the ill-understood, fearsome Mao Shan magic. The book illustrates how the ancient Chinese encountered these magic.

"Black", not because the magic is evil but because the source of the magic line one of the Four Cardinal Directions, viz. North which is the position of the Black Serpent. The Chinese Mao Shan magic was not originally Serpent magic, but represented an ancient corruption of the West White Tiger magic by the Serpent cult. Asian and Middle East legends tend to associate the dark forces with the Serpent.

Chinese Black Magic: An Expose also traces the ancient mythological history of black magic in ancient Chinese. Famous figures who practised black magic in a large way include Chin First Emperor Shih Huang-Ti, chu Yuan to whom the Dragon Boat Festival is dedicated to, and Chuko Liang of the Three Kingdoms. Going back to dim time, the first ancient Chinese rebel Ch'ih Yu, later deified as the Bull-Headed Demon King, used powerful black magic to fight wars. Famous enemies of the black magicians include Yellow Emperor Huang-Ti who defeated Ch'ih Yu and Chang Liang who assisted Han founding emperor Kao-Tsu to defeat the descendants of Chin Emperor Shin Huang-Ti. Other legends reflecting the "good side" of black magic include Chang-O the Moon Goddess, Madam White Snake.

Black magic was eventually restricted to the southern areas of ancient Chinese. Chu Yuan's family was originally "Tai" people from the South, related to the Khmer people of South-East Asia. In fact, the ancient Chinese black magic was the source of magic in South-East Asia.

Learn how the ancient Taoist Masters safeguarded China proper against black magic. One of their tools was the esoteric art of Feng Shui."

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