“Chaos Witch” by Jaq D. Hawkins

"Chaos Witch" by Jaq D. Hawkins

"Chaos Witch addresses a relatively new term among young witches, Chaos Witchcraft. It explores how methods like sigil magick and free belief relate to traditional paths of Witchcraft, to the Ritual Magick influences that gave rise to Chaos Magick, and to the practices of Chaos Magick itself and how they've become relevant to modern witches today.

Jaq D. Hawkins was the first Chaos Magician to make information about Chaos Magick available to the general public in her book, Understanding Chaos Magic (now incorporated into The Chaonomicon). In recognising how the results oriented practices of Chaos Magick has transcended beyond the formal schools of Magick and taken it into the hands-on methods of folk witchcraft, she bridges the perceived divide between these differing paths.

With an overview of the history of pre-Wiccan witchcraft, Ritual (Ceremonial) Magick and the basic concepts of Chaos Magick, Chaos Witch encourages a personal approach to magic that can draw from known methods of any path as well as imagination, giving the Chaos Witch the tools to create her own spells and methods of divination into a unique and individual practice."