“Tarot A to Z: A Modern Encyclopedia of Classic Tarot” by Kathleen Medina

"Tarot A to Z: A Modern Encyclopedia of Classic Tarot" by Kathleen Medina

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"You have the wisdom of the universe in your hands!

Knowledge is power, and Tarot is the key to unlocking it. This ancient practice isn’t about predicting the future―it’s about creating it. With captivating profiles of each of Tarot’s seventy-eight cards, simple explanations of the most useful spreads, and easy-to-follow instructions for performing accurate readings, Tarot A to Z holds the keys to being the master of your destiny. You’ll quickly and easily find everything you need to:
– Speak Tarot’s deeply rooted symbolic language with ease
– Hone your intuition and interpret the cards’ guidance
– Use this mystical tool to understand yourself and inform your decisions
– Experience the joy of reading Tarot for yourself and others

The magic of Tarot isn’t in the cards. It’s inside of you, waiting for you to discover it. Whether you’re new to Tarot or a seasoned reader, this beautifully illustrated guide will help you tap into that power and create the life of your dreams!"