“Self-Hypnosis For Dummies” by Mike Bryant and Peter Mabbutt

"Self-Hypnosis For Dummies" by Mike Bryant and Peter Mabbutt

"Become your best self with this gentle mind control technique

Whether you want to lose weight, overcome phobias or stop smoking, this positive guide to self-hypnosis offers straight-talking information to help you harness the power of your mind. With reassuring advice on how to combat specific issues and break unwanted habits, as well as ways to improve your general outlook, you'll discover how to use light hypnosis techniques to make immediate changes. Use the book and to re-train your subconscious and start reaping the rewards of self-hypnosis straight away.

Identify your needs and prepare the way — learn what self-hypnosis is all about and discover how you can use it to achieve your goals
Train your brain — find out how to enter a hypnotic trance and consciously direct your subconscious
Improve your outlook — use hypnosis to conquer anxiety, phobias and insomnia, manage anger and boost your self-esteem
Stub it out — kiss goodbye to unhealthy habits and addictions

Open the book and find:
The powers of responsible self-hypnosis
Ways to enter a hypnotic trance
Techniques to get your mind and body working together
Pain and anger management advice
How to overcome panic and fear
Ways to bring your eating and drinking habits under control
The secrets of creating positive relationships
How to avoid relapses and stay on track

Learn to:
Unlock the power of your mind
Enter a hypnotic trance and direct your subconscious
Use hypnosis to lose weight, quit smoking, overcome anxiety, beat insomnia and more

Note: The ebook edition of this book does not include any CDs or DVDs."