“Goddesses of High Magick: Four Powerful Goddesses to Help Reshape Your Life” by David Thompson

"Goddesses of High Magick: Four Powerful Goddesses to Help Reshape Your Life" by David Thompson

"This powerful book will revolutionize the way you practice magick! The Magick of Goddesses is your go-to guide to unlock the secrets of four powerful, yet little-known, goddesses who can help you manifest your desires.

You will learn two step-by-step ritual sequences to bring wealth and love into your life. You will also receive guidance on how to work with these goddesses to create a powerful, magickal connection that will change your life and bring you closer to your dreams.

In Goddesses of High Magick, you will find:
– Step-by-step rituals to attract wealth and love
– An in-depth exploration of four little-known but powerful goddesses
– Tips for creating a spiritual connection with goddesses
– Guidance on how to work with goddesses to manifest your dreams
– Advice for creating powerful magickal intentions

In addition, Goddesses of High Magick includes two powerful step-by-step ritual sequences to assist you in manifesting money/wealth or love/relationships. Buy now before the price changes and unlock the power of the goddesses to manifest your desires!"