“Goth Magick: An Enchanted Grimoire” by Brenda Knight (alternate rip)

"Goth Magick: An Enchanted Grimoire" by Brenda Knight (alternate rip)

"The Modern Art of Dark Magick

At night it's easy to see yourself as you really are: artistic, elegant, romantic, Goth. You're part of something that's beyond all the clichéd answers manufactured by mainstream society. You already know what color black to wear or why despair is a healthy response to the current state of the world. You've got taste in poetry, literature, vampirism, and know it's mundane life that has to change, so that you can howl, brood, rage, and passionately express your inner demons! So why not use a grimoire of unique dark magick to do just that?

Brenda Knight, a Goth Witch, knows how to demystify the many misrepresentations surrounding the Goth movement. She also understands how to celebrate its positive, vital spirit. In Goth Magick, she will teach you to:
Cast spells, perform ritual, and animate charms
Create and empower supernatural tools for a Goth altar of high-sheen black and blood red
Truly inhabit Goth temples and other sacred spaces with a knowledge of feng shui, astrology, and tarot
Know Goth mythology and the history of dark magick
Celebrate your individualism while maintaining a connection to the spiritual tribe
And much, much more.

Welcome to Witchcraft's new dark age."