“Mediumship Exercises for Spiritual Communication” by Graham Deakin

"Mediumship Exercises for Spiritual Communication" by Graham Deakin

"This set of mediumship exercises are to help you gain some practice into working towards mediumship. They are a follow on from my other course psychic and mediumship development. These exercises can be used on there own or as an aid to the above mentioned course.

Each exercise will help you to open and expand your mediumship. Do not rush these exercises they are designed to help you with your visual skills which will increase your clairvoyance. You can practice these exercises as often as you like what i find best is if you start with the first one then progress down to the end exercise and then start again. Some of the exercises include the following, The coiled spiral, The spirit train, Dream time, The elevator, The spring meadow, The golden triangle, The chi ball, The blue room and more"