“Influencing the Collective Unconcious Mind” by Nick Sambrook

"Influencing the Collective Unconcious Mind" by Nick Sambrook

"This book provides an overview of the collective unconscious mind of humanity, and methods for influencing it.

It is an attempt to describe what it is, how it exists, and the evolution it has gone through.

It also suggests some techniques and methods for creating changes within it, and how those changes are expressed through cultural discourse, media, and via meaningful mass synchronistic events.

Rather than being an in depth academic journal this is more of a guide to help understand and deal with the entity of our collective overmind covering both scientific and esoteric perspectives in a synthesised holistic manner. Combined with sceintific study, philosphical insight, and evidential experience and contributions from other authors.

It includes topics such as consciousness, media discourse, extreme experiences, postmodern philosophy, quantum and unified field theory, esoteric knowledge, and Jungian synchronicity and philosophy.

With references to a range of authors on the subjects, and also includes a few supporting contributions."