“Flip the Switch: Activate Your Drive to Achieve a Freakish Level of Success” by Coach Micheal Burt

"Flip the Switch: Activate Your Drive to Achieve a Freakish Level of Success" by Coach Micheal Burt

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"Learn now to unlock your "prey drive"―the instinctual ability that allows you to "flip the switch" to achieve massive success

Micheal Burt was already a successful basketball coach when he discovered, quite by accident, how to articulate the concept he had been using for years to motivate himself and his players. At a workshop in Tennessee taught by a Vietnam veteran, he learned about the "prey drive" of war dogs―an instinctive inclination to find, pursue, and capture their prey.

In Flip the Switch, Coach Burt shows how humans, too, have this instinctive drive―not for hunting prey, but for pursuing goals with a persistence and intensity that goes far beyond the usual efforts applied to everyday tasks. As with war dogs, external stimuli are required for flipping the switch: For the dogs, it's movement or scent. What are they for you?

In these inspiring and eye-opening pages, you'll discover how to find what activates you, personally, to do more, create more, and achieve freakish levels of success. You'll explore them all in detail, in chapters that include:

Motivated by What? The Three Phases of the Prey Drive
The Science Behind What Activates You
Screw Your Why: How to Get Your Purpose to Activate You
Going All In: How to Make Your Drive a Daily Habit
Creating Value in the World: Becoming a Contender
Prioritizing and Personalizing Your Prey Drive: The Keys to Continued Expansion
The Habit of 1% Performers: How to Re-ignite Your Prey Drive and GO PRO Every Single Day

Throughout Flip the Switch, Coach Burt explains how to analyze and explore the primary drivers: fear, competition, exposure, environment, inspiration from others, and yes―even embarrassment. Whether you're flipping the switch to win a championship or win new business, knowing how to find external stimuli that activates that thing inside of you is what will allow you to achieve your highest goals―naturally."