“Demon Magic: Dream Magic” by Wyndham Nicodemus Holt

"Demon Magic: Dream Magic" by Wyndham Nicodemus Holt

"The story behind this book begins in December of 2011. At that time, I began to channel a series of demons for specific purposes. My method was to scry the demonic significance of the 16 traditional Geomantic figures, then learn enough information about their respective demons to summon them. Upon scrying successfully, the demons of the Geomantic figure were revealed to me. These demons were entirely new to me, but soon proved to be quite powerful. After a sufficient time of working with them, I have decided to make them known to the public. This grimoire is the first in a series of works which will catalog, describe and give instructions on how these demons can be summoned. In this particular volume, I have selected 16 specific demons who correspond to the 16 Geomantic figures and who primarily have powers over the state of dreaming, out of body travel and astral travel."