“The Channel’s Companion: A Guide for Connecting with the Higher Realms” by Amanda Guggenheimer

"The Channel's Companion: A Guide for Connecting with the Higher Realms" by Amanda Guggenheimer

"As you work through the levels in this book you will train yourself to consciously channel the higher realms. This training is a two-fold process of awakening your own abilities as well as learning how to facilitate healing and transformation in others.

Do you have a sense of a spiritual family around you that is calling for connection with you as much as you are reaching out to them? Do you feel more attuned to receiving signs from the universe, especially from Nature, and more adept at interpreting the meaning between events that you might once have dismissed as coincidence, but now regard as synchronicity, as if orchestrated by a higher power? Do you find you are becoming more sensitive to environmental factors and messages from Earth as a living force and from the animal kingdom as divine messengers?

From the author of the bestselling book The Light-Worker's Companion, this book is offered as a course, a self-initiated workshop that encourages you to become your own teacher of channelling."