“The Transformational Power of Sound and Music: A Handbook for Sound Healers and Musicians” by Flicka Rahn and Tammy McCrary

"The Transformational Power of Sound and Music: A Handbook for Sound Healers and Musicians" by Flicka Rahn and Tammy McCrary

"Take a historical journey through sacred and healing sound and music practices from ancient and indigenous cultures around the world. Discover the latest remarkable practical applications—now proven by contemporary scientific research—for managing your mind, body, and spirit. Experiment with shifting your brainwaves naturally to boost your focus and mental alertness or create calm and relaxation. Learn how to positively influence and restore the integrity of every organ, cell, and system in your body by entrainment to various tones and percussive rhythms. Access remarkable states of altered consciousness and heightened intuition musically.

In this book you will learn how:
Everything in the physical world is endowed with a vibrational frequency—often beyond the range of human hearing—whose sacred geometry can be sonically activated.
Music tuned to A at 432 Hz creates feelings of peace and wellbeing
Sound and music can positively affect your body chemistry, improving your immunity to disease and diminishing the residual effects of any trauma you’ve experienced.
Cancer cells die through exposure to ascending musical scales, while healthy cells are left unharmed.
Physical pain may be diminished or eradicated with vocal toning.
The conscious intention of a music maker is discernibly conveyed to listeners in the music that is made.
Chakras may be activated with healing instruments, like crystal singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks, and chanting"