“Magickal Formulary Spellbook: Book I & II” by Herman Slater (2 book set)

"Magickal Formulary Spellbook: Book I & II" by Herman Slater (2 book set)

"THE FORMULARY SET…sought after for years throughout the world…NOW AVAILABLE in limited quantities.

MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK I: Fellow Sorcerers. Magicians, and Witches; this Grimoure was collected to help all the sincere practitioners out there. There are fragments in print of many of these formulae, but nowhere are they all listed until this book. A collection of Occult/Wicca formulae and spells – in print since 1981 – but unavailable until now.

MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK II: Detailed Ritual Procedures & Exact Diagrams, including: 290 Classical Voodoo Formulas…110 Herbs & Their Magickal Meanings… 62 Magickal Herbs and Illustrations…Voodoo Special Herbs…How to make your own incense…"