“Love Healing Prosperity Through Occult Powers of the Alphabet” by Nineveh Shadrach

"Love Healing Prosperity Through Occult Powers of the Alphabet" by Nineveh Shadrach

"If you are looking to Be loved by all persons—friend & foe, Cause longing in the hearts of others, Acquire a soul-mate quickly, Establish harmony in the home, Acquire charisma and an authoritative bearing, Be respected, honored and obeyed by all, Attract luck, Raise your prosperity level, Heal and relieve physical pain — you will find tools in Love Healing Prosperity Through Occult Powers of the Alphabet to enrich your life.

Unleashing the amazing occult power of the letters has always been one of the most guarded secrets of the ancient Kabbalah. Sages and prophets used these techniques to create amazing talismans and even bring clay golems to life. These secrets were known to both ancient Jewish and Sufi mystics, who guarded them for hundreds of years.

Pulling on writings by medieval masters such as al-Buni, Ibn Arabi, and others, Nineveh Shadrach presents a plethora of secret techniques that can help any one attain their goals of life mastery. Practical, easy to use, and supported by explanations of some of the hidden lore of the sages of old, this book is a must for any one looking to apply practical magic to bring about desired life changes."