“Dollars Flow to Me Easily” by Richard Dotts

"Dollars Flow to Me Easily" by Richard Dotts

"Is it possible to read and relax your way into financial abundance? Can dollars flow to you even if you just sat quietly in your favorite armchair and did "nothing"? Is abundance and prosperity really our natural birthright, as claimed by so many spiritual masters and authors throughout the ages?

In his groundbreaking book Dollars Flow To Me Easily, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts attempts something that he has never done before — to write a book that changes and transforms the reader’s innermost perceptions about money as they read it.

Richard explains that these spiritual principles have never been about "attracting" more money or stuff into our lives. Instead, these Universal truths all speak of recognizing the inherent abundance that is already there for our taking. Is it any wonder that traditional Law of Attraction techniques which focus on "doing" and "attracting" something from out there to fill a perceived lack in our lives do not create lasting results?

But if all our abundance is already right here for our taking, why is it that our bank balance and physical experiences do not always reflect this truth? Is there something we have to do in order to welcome this abundance into our lives?

Dollars Flow To Me Easily takes an alternative approach to answering these questions. Instead of guiding the reader through a series of exercises to "feel as if" they are already rich, Richard draws on the power of words and our highest intentions to dissolve negative feelings and misconceptions that block us from manifesting greater financial abundance in our lives.

When these blocks are gently dissolved and let go of through absorbing the words in this book, what results are natural physical manifestations of abundance in our everyday experience.

As Richard puts it, this technique is so counter-intuitive precisely because it flies in the face of everything we have been taught. We have been taught to tackle our financial issues head-on and to worry about them constantly in order to come up with solutions. But despite this, all our worrying and mental activity has still not resulted in everlasting peace-of-mind and a permanent resolution of the financial issues in our lives.

Perhaps the real solution that we need is to simply correct our thinking on the inside, and to realize that there has been no issue and no lack in the first place. When we tend to our inner states and make it our priority… when we finally give up the need to do anything to make things happen… that is when the Universe can deliver our highest good to us.

Dollars Flow To Me Easily takes you through the experiential journey of dropping all your worries, fears and blocks around manifesting money as you read. What remains at the end is the real you — a state in which dollars flow to you easily and a recognition of this truth that has always been a part of your being."