“Kundalini: Tantra Yoga in Practice” by Phillip Hurley and Leigh Hurley

"Kundalini: Tantra Yoga in Practice" by Phillip Hurley and Leigh Hurley

"This is an approachable, lucid and engaging guide to the philosophy of Tantra, and its techniques for raising kundalini. The authors have many years experience in spiritual practice and study as initiates under the direct guidance of Goswami Kriyananda, in the lineage of Shellji and his guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. Kundalini: Tantra Yoga in Practice is a workbook with a wide range of clearly detailed and illustrated techniques for developing an effective personal kundalini practice. It is suitable for beginners, and as a class guide for Yoga teachers who wish to introduce and integrate kundalini meditation into their offerings. Presented here are down-to-earth methods based on classical Tantric tradition and agamas."

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