“Shadow Entities: Sleep Paralysis and Beyond” by Gemma Jade

"Shadow Entities: Sleep Paralysis and Beyond" by Gemma Jade

"Welcome to the terrifying world of sleep paralysis.

It’s the dead of night and you wake up in a complete panic and don’t know why. You go to jump out of bed but quickly realize you can’t move…it’s like you’re paralyzed. Then you become hyper aware there is something more sinister going on and that you’re not alone; something else is there, something not human, something evil.

Come along as author and paranormalist, Gemma Jade investigates the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and the shadow entities and other malevolent energies that accompany this phenomenon. Is it all just a trick of the mind or is it something much more dangerous—possibly even deadly? Gemma dives deep into both the scientific and paranormal sides of things and showcases encounters from people all over the world who have dealt with this fascinating—and terrifying—phenomenon.

Is it nothing more than an unfortunate side effect from a brain misfire or are there actual demons and entities from other realms there with you—feeding off your fear and terror? Before you brush shadow entities, sleep demons and sleep paralysis off as nothing more than the products of overactive imaginations, pay close attention to the contents of this book because without an informed decision, you could very well end up being their next victim in the middle of the night sometime soon."