“WishCraft: A Guide to Manifesting a Positive Future” by Shauna Cummins

"WishCraft: A Guide to Manifesting a Positive Future" by Shauna Cummins

"Humans have always loved to wish, and they love it even more when their wishes come true! In Wishcraft, Shauna Cummins uses her experience as a hypnotist to teach you how to take control of your subconscious mind and make your wishes become a reality.

In Shauna's experience, we can empower our wishes with practice and intention, working with wishes as if they are a blessing, affirmation and meditation all in one. Featuring detailed instructions for calming the mind, allowing your wishes to influence you on a deeper level, as well as information on how to create an ideal environment for manifesting, this book will help you to discover how to turn your fears, phobias and negative feelings into positive, empowering tools and to find your inner strengths and skills.

When we learn the art, benefit and practice of well-wishing, our subconscious mind becomes a proverbial wishing well; an ideal place to plant our wishes. Wishes can act as a focusing lens for our desires and portal for divine intervention. Including advice on the type of wishes you can aim for — from wishes to love, receive, grow, achieve and more — Wishcraft will give you the tools to take hold and transform your life. So what are you waiting for? PERCEIVE. BELIEVE. ACHIEVE."