“Ecstatic Kabbalah” by David A. Cooper

"Ecstatic Kabbalah" by David A. Cooper

"Kabbalah—the secret is out! From Madonna's controversial conversion to the Dalai Lama's acknowledgment and support, this mystical tradition is gaining unprecedented recognition. But how do we put this powerful and esoteric worldview into practice? With The Ecstatic Kabbalah, Rabbi David Cooper—author of God Is a Verb (100, 000 copies sold, Riverhead, 1958), and a renowned leader of the Jewish meditation movement—provides practical exercises on the path toward "mending the soul", the fundamental Jewish experience that brings union with the Divine.

With meditation techniques for both beginning and advanced practitioners, The Ecstatic Kabbalah guides readers into awareness of the presence of light with experiential practices for touching the four worlds of mystical Judaism:
Physical—breath work and mind-body harmonization
Emotional—tone the divine names as an expression of devotion
Mental—learn the histories of these techniques
Spiritual—stabilize your connection with divine presence

Finally, the long-sequestered doors of Kabbalah are open to all listeners, as they are invited to dwell in the embrace of the Divine with The Ecstatic Kabbalah's practices of daily renewal.

NOTE: The ebook does not contain the spoken-word audio component included in the original printed edition."