“Paranormal Noise: Listen Beyond the Silence” by Marco Santucci

"Paranormal Noise: Listen Beyond the Silence" by Marco Santucci

"The birth of this book came from the death of my mom, along with an event that shortly followed. I began to search for the truth, is death just black and white, heaven and hell? Realizing I was able to capture real time conversation with and between spirits, I was hooked, and they knew it. They spoke, I recorded, listening to everything. Some harmless, some belligerent. A young man died out of carelessness, I knew who he was, I asked for him to speak, but first I recorded his death as quick as it unfolded in my ears when played back. Then the silence, then one word. His wife's name which I knew, confirming his identity opening the door to the Other Side for me, knowing then there was no turning back."