“Quiet Voice, Awesome Power: Connect with Spirit, Enlist Divine Help, and Live Your Most Potent Life” by Amanda R. Edwards

"Quiet Voice, Awesome Power: Connect with Spirit, Enlist Divine Help, and Live Your Most Potent Life" by Amanda R. Edwards

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"From a lifelong spirit communicator and professional medium comes a wealth of insight and exercises to guide you in communicating with spirit, defining your spiritual path, and living with power and purpose.

A respected spirit medium, certified spiritual coach, and Reiki healer, Amanda R. Edwards helps people connect with spirits and find support, confidence, and peace of mind. In Quiet Voice, Awesome Power, Amanda reveals how spirit isn’t an inaccessible world where deceased loved ones disappear, but a significant part of us and all life around us. She shares how to ready your mind-body-spirit ecosystem to welcome powerful daily guidance from spirit; how to invite new experiences, heal hurtful ones, and move beyond loss; how to engage your body’s physical form to receive and impart messages; and much more. This unique volume, a hands-on, practical guide with exercises throughout, will connect with readers who, like Amanda, found themselves the "weird kid" because of a quieted spiritual ability and those who are new to or practiced in spirit channeling.

Inside this pivotal guidebook, you’ll find:
-Insight into what spirit is and why it matters to connect with it.
-Guidance on readying your mind, body, and soul to engage with spirit.
-Instructions to recognize signs and interpret the “language” spirit uses with you.
-The know-how to commune with spirit through both traditional and personalized methods.
-An understanding of how to live a more connected, more empowered life using your natural-born gifts.

Amanda’s guidance is imparted through compelling text, anecdotes, tools, activities, and prompts proven effective by her and her clients. For readers everywhere seeking growth, guidance, and connection but feeling stuck or afraid, this groundbreaking volume will relieve doubts and unleash an empowered new you on your spiritual journey."