“The Way of the Golden Section: A Manual of Occult Training” by John Michael Greer

"The Way of the Golden Section: A Manual of Occult Training" by John Michael Greer

"A manual for self-study and self-initiation into the tradition of occult study and practice, and ultimately into the Golden Section Fellowship.

This accessible and fascinating book contains comprehensive instructions for occult study, including morning and evening exercises, the sphere of protection, body practices, opening and closing a lodge, and the final ritual of initiation.

Also covered are exercises and meditations for the thirty-three symbols of the Way of the Golden Section.

The Way of the Golden Section re-examines the teachings of occultism to address the needs, hopes and fears of people in an ever-changing world.

Drawing on occultism's long heritage, this book presents occult training in a refreshing new way that is suited to today's students."