“Sympathetic Magic of the Ainu — The Native People of Japan” by John Batchelor

"Sympathetic Magic of the Ainu — The Native People of Japan" by John Batchelor

"An insightful look into the culture, religion, and magic of the native people of Japan: the Ainu.

John Batchelor gives a first-hand account of the Ainu people who are indigenous to the Northern Japanese island Hokkaido. Having been sent as a Christian missionary to the community, Batchelor details the Ainu religion and culture. He describes their animistic rituals and their belief that all things, including nature, animals, and objects, possess a godly spirit. First published in 1901.

This volume features the following chapters:
– The Nature of Witchcraft
– The Use of the Fox and Bird's Skulls
– External Methods of Bewitching "