“SILENT AWARENESS: The Revelation That Changes Everything” by Cynthia Overweg

"SILENT AWARENESS: The Revelation That Changes Everything" by Cynthia Overweg

"Have you ever heard the sound of no thought? It may seem strange to say that you can hear the sound of no thinking, but when the mind is truly silent, this Silence has its own sound. Drawing from the wisdom of sages and mystics throughout the world, Silent Awareness invites us on a sacred journey into the mystery and intimacy of our innermost being.

The book offers a framework for unveiling ourselves to ourselves by being aware of what stands in the way of a much deeper awareness. A key component in this unveiling is learning to listen and see with a quiet mind ― a mind that is not dominated by thought, memory or conflict. Such a mind silently sees that there is no "other," and when there is no other, there is compassion.

The book also includes meditative awareness practices that help us wake up to the present moment. This is not an academic pursuit ― it is a direct experience that unites us with the unconditioned love of our true nature."