“Wicca & Tarot Bundle” by Sybil Wolfe

"Wicca & Tarot Bundle" by Sybil Wolfe

"The Starter Kit for Modern Witches to Learn Herbal, Candle, and Crystal Magic Traditions! Discover Real Tarot Card Meanings, Simple Spreads, and Exercises for Seamless Readings

Are you curious about the world of witchcraft? Do you want to step into a world unlike any other? Would you like to peek into the future and see what it beholds?

It can be really intimidating to try to learn about something new, especially if it seems like there's a lot of jargon and mystery involved. Wicca and Tarot is the perfect place for beginners. to start their journey!

Learn more about modern witchcraft and start your journey into the craft. This book includes all the tools you need to get started on Tarot and Wicca magic, as well as a starter kit that will teach you everything you need to know about Herbal, Candle, and Crystal Magic."