“The Secret Language of Synchronicity: Deciphering the Words & Wisdom of Meaningful Coincidence” by Jenna Moore Fuller

"The Secret Language of Synchronicity: Deciphering the Words & Wisdom of Meaningful Coincidence" by Jenna Moore Fuller

"A scrap of found paper. A cookie’s fortune. An overheard comment. A TV ad…the WORDS you happen upon answer some pressing need.

You’ve probably had this experience — come across "chance" information that feels custom-made for you. An uncanny message that makes you wonder. A meaningful message that’s both helpful and pertinent.

The Secret Language of Synchronicity is all about how the Universe answers different people through different types of coincidence. Depending on our favored sense, usually sight or sound, it often communicates through written or spoken words. Once we discover our unique style, it is easier to understand these personal signs and benefit from their meanings.

The book covers why words, whether literal or symbolic, are so important in coincidence, and our differing perception preferences. Characteristics of each perception type with typical chance events are given. It explores the essential link between our intuition and flow, that wonderful stream of ongoing serendipities offered by the Universe.

It delves into the how-to — attracting, understanding, and responding to this higher wisdom. And our potential to be transformed when we do. And the biggie — the best benefit of all — happier, more meaningful lives.

Jenna Moore Fuller has studied metaphysics for many years, with a focus on synchronicity and intuition. She has recorded her own meaningful incidents for much of this time. Dozens of her stories, plus those of family and friends are included here. Share Jenna’s quest to decipher the secret language of synchronicity. And discover your own unique style — the magical and mysterious way the Universe speaks through coincidence to you!"