“The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya: The Secret to Manifesting Abundance” by Vinita Rashinkar

"The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya: The Secret to Manifesting Abundance" by Vinita Rashinkar

"Sri Vidya begins where the current understanding of quantum physics ends", say modern-day scholars about this little-known, highly esoteric spiritual tradition that has been kept under wraps by its practitioners. Sri Vidya practice is a three-fold one, encompassing mantra (sacred sound), yantra (sacred geometry) and tantra (a technique or framework for worship). This book endeavours to explore the main mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition and understand them as the unfolding of Shakti, the inherent power which lies at the core of our being and holds the key to our worldly and spiritual success.

The book delves into concepts such as the importance of building the right narrative about life and the need for ritual in modern-day lifestyle. Samskara, vritti and vasana are described along with a detailed study of tantra and Sri Vidya before a discussion on mantras in general and then focusing on the mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition.

We live in a time marked by a deep sense of insecurity, stuck in the midst of a feeling of scarcity, stress and self-limiting beliefs. This book offers everyone an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of mantra sadhana of Sri Vidya and enjoy abundance in all aspects of life – good health, meaningful relationships, success at work, peace and bliss in the spiritual path."