“The Flower Divination and Healing Book ” by Melissa Tessaro

"The Flower Divination and Healing Book " by Melissa Tessaro

"Flower Divination Workbook – 98 page book with pendulum healing commands

Topics in the book are:
Dowsing Safely
Ways to connect with the flower energies
Flower dowsing chart 1 and 2
How many cards chart
Chart of time and energy
Dowsing a healing infusion
The healing process
Client healing points to remember
Limiting beliefs about healing

Pendulum Healing commands in the book are based around these topics:
African Daisy – Celestial gifts
Agrimony – Expecting conflict
Alligator Juniper – Autonomy
Aloe = Healing crisis
Alyssum – protection
Anemone – giving up
Apple Blossom – toxins
Astrantia – seeker of the light
Artichoke – lighten up
Bamboo orchid – mental patterns
Bellflower – Client responsibility
Bindweed – Root cause
Bird of Paradise – Trauma
Black Locust – imprints
Blanket flower – aspects of self
Bleeding Heart – Self love
Borage – DNA wisdom
Bougainvillea – Trapped joy
Bromeliad – valued by others
Brown-eyed Susan – Healing the shadow
Buttercup – Natural magic
Cactus – Letting go
Cherry – Balance all aspects
Christmas Rose – Planting a seed
Clematis – Safe on earth
Cornflower – Sensitivity
Cranesbill – Body beliefs
Daffodil – Deep rooted fears
Dahlia – Accessing creative expression
Daisy – Solar plexus
Delphinium – Self image
Dogwood – Soul fragments
Echinecea – Astral interference
Edelweiss – Self acceptance
Fairy Duster – Fatigue
Fireweed – Childhood programming
Forget me not – Ancestral healing
Fuscia – better than now
Golden Rose – DNA awakens
Gorse – Raise vibration
Grape – Achieving goals
Holly – Clearing anger
Honeysuckly – Detox
Lady's Mantle – Inner child
Larch – Fear of failure
Lewisha – Grounding
Lilly – Hidden messages
Lupine – Higher Self
Moss – Clearing stress
Mushroom – Visibility
Opium – Stealing power
Orchid – Finding dharma
Pasque – Releasing deep sorrow
Peony – Victim consciousness
Pine – Body image
Plaintain – Money worries
Pollen – Accessing miracles
Rose – Self love
Rosehip – Blood healing
Rose rock – Trauma
Sea Holly – Creative blocks
Silver Thistle – Hara line
Stone Herb – Scarcity
Strawflower – Old wounds
Sunflower – Security
Sweetpea – Inner critic
Tansy – Taking Action
Toadflax – Clearing deep issues
Tulip – Self belief
Water – Bless your body
White Chestnut – Removing thought forms
Wild Oat – Being authentic
Willow – Emotional healing
Yarrow – Setting boundaries
Yellow Star Tulip – Intuition"