Yin Magic: How to be Still, Sarah Robinson

<em>Yin Magic: How to be Still</em>, Sarah Robinson

From the author of the bestselling Yoga for WitchesYin Magic shows how ancient Chinese Taoist alchemical practices can mingle with yoga and magic to enhance our wellbeing from sleep to stress-levels, helping us to move beyond the burnout cycles and embody the beauty of letting go.Yin Magic shares:

* What yin is…and why it matters.
* An introduction to the practice of yin yoga
* Yin yoga journeys for each season and the meridians.
* Insight from cutting-edge neuroscience research.
* Connections between Celtic, witch and Chinese medicine traditions.
* Ideas for putting trust in one’s own nature, and the pace of the natural world.
* Sympathetic magic and how to bring it into your yoga practice.
* How to embrace the magic in the darker times of night, new moon and winter.

Yin Magic helps us to make everyday magic at a sumptuously slow pace as an antidote to the busyness of modern life.