“What the Walrus Knows: An Eccentric’s Field Guide to Working with Beastie Energies” by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (2nd ed)

"What the Walrus Knows: An Eccentric's Field Guide to Working with Beastie Energies" by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann (2nd ed)

"Written in a quirky and delightful style, this charming book serves as an introduction to the ancient practice of animal totems, or "Beasties," in which readers are invited to explore why certain animals show up in their lives and what messages these animals may be trying to share in their teachings. It provides the tools to allow readers to begin examining the intuitive world of animal messages and how appearances by Beasties can offer important information. As a fourth-generation physician, the author was living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle when an unlikely walrus entered her life, changing everything. Through paying attention to the ancient practice of animal spirits and the traits associated with the walrus, she found the strength and courage to take a sabbatical from her practice as a physician and spent six months in nature, reflecting upon her heart’s desires, ultimately deciding to leave her medical practice to become a coach, speaker, and author. Whether living in the city or the country, by tuning into animal totems and working with the messages they bring forth, lives can be transformed. With inimitable humor, the book decodes this animal mysticism while entertaining animal lovers of all kinds, ultimately setting its readers on successful new paths."