“Remote Viewing from the Ground Up” by Jon Knowles

"Remote Viewing from the Ground Up" by Jon Knowles

"Remote viewing is a form of ESP (ExtraSensory Perception). This ability is real, as evidenced by the fact that the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency invested $20 million in its Star Gate remote viewing program over a 20-year period. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) carried out the research component and a Ft. Meade military unit undertook the operational side. Remote viewing came into the public arena in 1995 and has been used by civilians since.

TransDimensional Systems was one of the early commercial remote viewing companies and one of the most successful. Yet TDS is little known even in the remote viewing community. Why? In part, because TDS was forced to shut down long ago — in March 2003 — after repeated personal harassment, attacks and even death threats — the only remote viewing company so targeted.

Remote Viewing from the Ground Up tells the story of TDS from the author’s viewpoint — from novice, trainee in the intensive “Bananaslam” program, viewer and project manager, and then Training Coordinator. The book complements the two existing accounts of TransDimensional Systems (by Prudence Calabrese and John Vivanco), describing in detail TDS’ innovative methods and practices. In Part One, the author provides an inside look at TDS training, operations and organization, based on project reports and remote viewing sessions, description of courses and public presentations, and emails and posts. Part Two consists of original documents from the former TDS web site, The Larger Universe."