“Dream Portal: Journey Into Morpheus” by Gloria Chadwick

"Dream Portal: Journey Into Morpheus" by Gloria Chadwick

"Once upon a dream, my pseudonyms got together, started chatting, and decided to write books together somewhere inside my imagination. It began innocently enough, on a dream journey they shared while searching for words inside their subconscious to create a book.

They turned to Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, and asked for his help, knowing he has the ability to "morph" their dreams into reality. What they didn't know—and were about to find out—is that life is just a dream. These are their stories…

Journey Into Morpheus. Confessions of a dream weaver.

Novel Journey. I dreamed I wrote a novel in my sleep. Yeah, right.

Lost in Time. Lost in what appeared to be a dream, I found myself in a parallel reality.

More Than Just a Dream. Is this a dream? Or is life more than just a dream? Am I awake? Or am I dreaming? And do I really have to reincarnate?

Awakenings. Once upon a dream, a rainbow whispered to me, inviting me to follow a path into spiritual awakening.

Dream Portal offers a preview of previously published novels."